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JEE Foods has partnered with Terracycle to divert excess packaging from landfills. Through this partnership, community members can collect used packaging items and drop them off at JEE Foods. In return, JEE Foods will receive a donation from Terracycle for every pound of waste diverted.

To begin, view the currently accepted products below and start collecting them! To be recycled, items must be brand-specific if notated and be clean/dry. If you are unsure if an item qualifies, check the packaging for the Terracycle logo. In addition, we ask that you sort items for faster processing.

There are no minimum amounts for what can be dropped off. Instead, we are happy to accept one bag or ten bags of items at our office in Hamilton, Ohio. Before dropping off items, please email us so that we can be ready to accept your donation. 

If you have any questions during your Terracycle journey, please email If you do not live in Ohio, please email us and we are happy to send you a free prepaid mailing sticker.

Head and Shoulders Packaging

Head and Shoulders Bottles

We can only accept Head and Shoulders branded products. Note that some parts of the packaging can be placed in residential recycling as well.

Dial Soap Packaging

Dial Soap Bottles

The following Dial brand-specific items can be collected: Dial caps, Dial pumps, Dial Concentrated Refill Packets, Dial Bar Packaging.

Bimbo Bakeries Packaging

Bimbo Bakeries Packaging

All Bimbo Bakeries USA bread, buns, bagels, and English muffins bags. For a full list of Bimbo Bakeries USA brands that are recyclable through this program, visit

Oral Care Products


Collect all brands of oral care products, including floss containers, toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes, and toothpaste packaging.

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Writing Instruments

BIC Stationery Products

All brands of empty writing instruments, glue sticks, watercolor dispensers, paint sets, and flexible packaging. Please note that correction (including Wite-Out® Brand) and free ink markers are not accepted.

Swiffer Dusters and Refills

Swiffer Products

Dusters and refills must be Swiffer brand. Please attempt to clean the items as best as possible. In this program, you can collect both wet and dry Swiffer refills.

Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Containers

All brands of food storage containers (plastic and glass).

Entenmann's Little Bites® Pouches

Entennmans Little Bites Packages

Entenmann's Little Bites® pouches and Entenmann's® Minis film packaging.

Babybel Packaging

BabyBel Cheese Packaging

All Babybel product packaging, such as cellophane, tag, net, metal clasps, wax, plastic wrappers and pouches can be collected.

GoGo SqueeZ® Packaging

GoGoSqueez Packages

All squeezable snack plastic pouches and caps. The items collected can be from any brand.

Solo® Cups

Solo Cups

Cups collected can be from any brand as long as they are #6 rigid plastic. Please rinse cups before recycling.

Clean Socks


Clean used socks of any brand can be collected and donated (pairs not required).

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