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JEE Foods started in the classroom at the end of 2017 as part of a global project. Initially, a group of students at Butler Tech Ross High School was challenged by Samsung and the United Nations to develop solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals one and two of No Poverty and Zero Hunger. In collaboration with IVECA Virtual Schooling, Ohio team members worked with a group of students in Busan, South Korea, to look at hunger and poverty issues globally. 

With strong support from Butler tech and Ross High School, the JEE Foods team was able to propel their idea forward. Meeting with community partners, everyone agreed that the need for JEE Foods was there. Harnessing motivation, the group began to see this as more than a project-it was a business.

As a result of the Samsung Global STEAM Challenge, JEE Foods was invited to present to a special delegation at the United Nations on their solution to end hunger poverty. 

The first food donation came from the Kroger Co. in Feb. 2018, and the JEE team was ready to extend its shelf life. Through a partnership with Butler tech/Ross High School, the team transformed the food in a full-scale commercial kitchen that still hosts transformation efforts. 

After proving the JEE Foods concept as viable, the team was eager to get to work. Soon the work would pay off, initiating their first partnership with a food donor. To commend the team's efforts, JEE Foods was issued a proclamation by the City of Hamilton, Ohio Mayor Pat Moeller (pictured above).  


The SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) World Cup resulted from years of planning and executing the JEE Foods business model. In August, the JEE Foods team traveled to Durban, South Africa, and competed in a pitch competition against 38 other countries. In the end, JEE Foods and the United States came out victorious.  

The SAGE World Cup fueled the JEE Food team. It energized the team to make an impact. Within weeks, the number of food donors multiplied by three times the original amount. Building upon these new partners, JEE continued to expand food rescue and transformation efforts.  

JEE Foods crossed 100,000 in the Coronavirus pandemic. With rising food-insecurity numbers, JEE took action to feed our neighbors in need. Within weeks, through a partnership with Food Rescue US, our team mobilized volunteers and partners to distribute 30,000lbs of fresh produce weekly. 

We have expanded to serving over thirty organizations across three states through the USDA Farms to Families program. We distributed as much as 80,000 pounds of produce dairy and meat products weekly. 

There's more to come.

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