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Our Mission

JEE Foods will strive to end hunger and poverty through employment education and food rescue to create sustainable communities, empowered Individuals, and opportunities in areas where poverty and homelessness are most prevalent.

Who We Are

JEE Foods is a student powered nonprofit dedicated to fighting hunger, food waste, and poverty. After working with teams from all around the world, we have devised a solution that takes on the poverty cycle!

Globally Motivated

JEE Foods was founded through a class project in 2017 when students from Butler Tech/Ross High School were tasked by the United Nations to end hunger and poverty. Working with a team in South Korea, JEE Foods emerged as a viable solution to end poverty through our three seed approach.

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Our Three Seed Approach


JEE Foods provides on-the-job training in foodservice through our transformation efforts. In combination with our education seed, volunteers increase their employability skills.


JEE Foods provides volunteers with education in food safety and industry credentials to increase their opportunity for future employment. 


By giving new life to rescued food, JEE Foods takes full advantage of the economic resources that went into growing the food. In order to truly break free from the poverty cycle, JEE Foods provides the opportunity for individuals to become self-sustainable, which will in turn spur the economy. 

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