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Bridging the gap between excess and need




At JEE Foods, we leverage perfectly good excess food to feed those in-need. Excess is inevitable, and we aim to recover it before it goes to waste throughout the food system. We work on both a large small, and a small scale to rescue excess food wherever it may be. In partnership with our network of food donors, including restaurants, grocers, farms, and food manufacturers, we have been able to recover nearly 6 million pounds of food.

How does the process work?

Our food rescue process is powered by driven community volunteers that we call rescuers. Every day, rescuers go to our food donors, pick up the food, and directly transfer it to a nonprofit partner using their vehicles. In under an hour, volunteers can save perfectly good food from going to waste.

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The technology behind it all

To keep our operations running smoothly, we utilize the Food Rescue platform. This web-based platform allows volunteers to select a rescue that works for them and provides them with all of the needed details from start to finish.


Our Rescue Partners