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What is Spare?

Spend money on food purchases

Spare is a mobile app that automatically rounds up food purchases from restaurants, food delivery apps, and supermarkets to the nearest dollar.

Automatically round up

Link the Spare app to your preferred payment method, and the app will take care of the rest every time you shop.

Support JEE Foods

Spare change can make a difference to those in need. Each cent allows JEE Foods to rescue more food for the community.

$1 Dollar Donated

150 lbs of food rescued

125 Meals 

Your Change Can Make A Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my payments secure?

Yes! All payments are processed by a secure third-party payment processing company, trusted by companies like PayPal.

Is there a maximum monthly roundup?

Yes, monthly donations by default will not exceed $30. However, you are able to change this amount inside the app.

I'm ready to get started, what do I do?

The answer is simple, just download the app! Don't have your phone handy? Not a problem, we can text you a link.