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Together, Let's Starve Out Hunger

Billions of pounds of food are going to waste while millions of Americans are going hungry.

Let's change that

We fight food waste

40% of all food produced is wasted

We combat food insecurity

1 in 8 Americans are food in-secure

We protect the planet

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change


Community Members Served


Pounds of food distributed


Pounds of C02 emissions saved

Who We Are

JEE Foods is a high school student-powered nonprofit organization striving to end both hunger and poverty through food rescue. Our team is committed to addressing the need of those who are hungry, but we are also taking on the core factors that cause these problems in the first place.

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What We Do

JEE Foods takes food that would otherwise be discarded by restaurants, farms, and grocers and rescues it. We take this rescued food back to our main facilities, where we transform it into meals for the community.

A Message From Our Executive Director

My team started JEE Foods out of a desire to help those who needed it the most. We strive each day to aid and empower those without the ability to do so singlehanded. We wholeheartedly believe in helping those in-need, supporting our community, and giving back. Our philosophy behind community involvement and outreach inspired the creation of JEE Foods and the development of our tagline: Together, Let's Starve Out Hunger. Thank you for your love and support. 

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