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Michael Rivera

Executive Director
Michael is passionate about ending hunger
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I am a second-year Fisher College of Business student with a relentless passion for success, challenge, and helping others. Over the past few years, I am fortunate enough to have enhanced my soft and hard skills through working in a variety of environments for multiple employers. While working at Columbus MicroSystems, I had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of product shipment and inventory management. At Princeton City Schools, I was challenged with creating press releases, utilizing MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and learned critical aspects surrounding the administration of one of Cincinnati’s largest school districts. With JEE Foods, I've learned leadership and business skills which I learned as my team, and I built a successful nonprofit organization. Although I'm still a sophomore at Ohio State, I've made it a priority to be involved on campus. I am a member of Delta Sigma Pi, Mount Leadership Society Scholars, and the Morrill Scholars Program. These organizations have provided me a wealth of friendships, experiences, and memories that have greatly enhanced my time at Ohio State.In my free time, I enjoy visiting local parks, taking walks, and hiking. I love traveling, especially to US National Parks where my interests all intersect


Levi Grimm

Butler County Coordinator/Marketing Director

Levi is passionate about creating sustainable cities and communities


Levi Grimm is currently a senior at Butler Tech/Ross High School and serves as the Butler County Coordinator and Marketing Director for JEE Foods. In these roles, Levi oversees outreach, social media, partnerships, and operational growth. Outside of JEE Foods Levi is involved in youth volunteer and philanthropy groups, marching band, and mock trial. 

Operations Team


Hunter Cornelius

Operations Director
Mr. Cornelius is passionate about providing access to clean water and sanitation

Hunter Cornelius is currently a senior at Ross High School and serves as the Director of Operations at JEE Foods, where he oversees the logistics and operations. Outside of JEE Foods Hunter is actively involved in Ross Legacy show choir, Tennis, and Ross Marching Band of Class. 


Chloe Godbey

Donation Coordinator
Ms. Godbey is passionate about ending hunger
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Chloe Godbey is a junior at Ross High School,and is the Donation Coordinator for JEE Foods. She handles the donation aspect of the organization and helps with the planning of relationships between food donors and the individuals to which we donate to. Outside of JEE Foods, Chloe is a member of the Ross High School Marching Band, Volunteer Advisory Board, Hope Squad, RHS Student Council, NHS, and Tri-M Music Honors Society. 


Zane Smith

Mr. Smith is passionate about Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Zane Smith is a sophomore at Ross High School and is on the Human Resources and Operations team. He is currently working to recruit and integrate new members into the organization. Outside of JEE Foods, Zane is on the Ross High School Tennis team and is part of the Ross Band of class. He hopes to major in Musical Education and Performance.

Marketing Team


Gus Lavalle

Mr. Lavalle is passionate about creating a quality education environment

Gus LaValle is currently a sophomore at Ross High School and a member of the marketing team at JEE Foods. Gus is primarily tasked with carrying out branding, marketing, graphic design projects, and promotions designed to increase JEE Foods’ presence and footprint in social media, print media, and various other platforms. Outside of JEE Foods, Gus is also a member of the Ross Band of Class, Ross Tennis team, and is Vice-president of his class. 

Finance Team


Alayna Meade

Finance Director
Ms. Meade is passionate about Life on Land 

Alayna Meade is a junior at Ross High School and serves as the Finance Director. She organizes the company’s finances, from tracking all expenses and income to writing grants. Alayna is also involved in the Marching Band, Mock Trial, International Thespian Society, 4H, Theatre, and Show Choir Crew.

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Human Resources Team


Sophia Lunsford

Human Resources Director
Ms. Lunsford is passionate about establishing Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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Sophia Lunsford is a junior at Ross High School.

IT Team


Sam Rousch

IT Director
Mr. Rousch is passionate about providing Affordable and Clean Energy

Sam Rousch is currently a Junior at Ross High School, and serves as Head of Technology at JEE Foods, where he oversees both the hardware and software utilized by the company every day.  He hopes to enable people to receive the education they need to succeed in their goals. Outside of JEE Foods, Sam is a member of BSA Troop 923, the Ross Marching Band of Class, Ross Legacy show choir, and looks to major in Music Theory and Composition.


Steven Pfister

Mr. Pfister is passionate about ending hunger
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Steven Pfister is currently a junior at Butler Tech and is on the IT team where he solves technical problems and explores and manages new software. Outside of JEE Foods, Steven is involved in FRC 3201 and FRC 325 robotics teams.



Noah Cornelius

Innovation Director
Mr. Cornelius is passionate about Decent Work and Economic Growth

Noah Cornelius is currently a senior at Ross high school/Butler Tech and is head of innovation at JEE Foods. Noah oversees the development of new projects currently the mobile market and the longevity growth and success of other projects. Outside of JEE Foods Noah spends his time working as sound technician for Ross Highs Performing Arts Center, band, and other events, while also participating in Tennis and Show Choir.

Board of Directors

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Thomas O'Neill

Mr. O'Neill is passionate about creating a quality education environment.
Tom O’Neill is an Information Technology Instructor employed by Butler Technology andCareer Development Schools. Tom teaches information technology, computer science,cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship at Ross High School in Hamilton, Ohio. With a background of more than 40 years in business and information technology, Tom uses hisexperiences to entice students to understand the relevance of what they would be learning andhow they could use their skills to develop a successful and satisfying career.Tom brings his business background to the classroom environment by including business principles and entrepreneurship focus as part of the content being taught. This combination ensures students will have options after high school. Tom and his students are active member of SAGE, Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship. SAGE is an international organization that helps teens realize their ability to act as change agents and introduces them to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students are expected to form legally structured, revenue generating companies whos purpose is to positively impact their local community. Through SAGE, students also compete against other teen entrepreneurs on local, state, national, and international levels. Tom and his students have won the local, state and national competitions many times, and have qualified to compete in SAGE World Cup several times. For the world cup, only the top two teams from each nation qualify to compete on the world stage. Tom’s teams have placed 5th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1stin the world.Because information technology is a universal language, Tom works diligently to provide hisstudents with opportunies to experience life and cultures in foreign countries. He has takenstudents to China, Mexico, and South Africa. In addition, he has had his students work virtuallywith China, Brazil, Tunisia, Iran, England, and Chile. Students who complete Tom’s courses, especially those that enroll in every course provided arerecruited by regional / national companies and by the military. By the end of their high schoolcareer, Tom’s students are prepared to enter the workforce, join the military, continue theireducation, and change the world.


Susan Jorgensen

Ms. Jorgensen is passionate about establishing peace, justice, and strong institutions
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Susan Jorgensen is a passionate food justice advocate and a Cincinnati native. She has worked in the non-profit sector and in local government to help build systems that feed hungry people and reduce food going into the landfill. Susan authored the 2018 State of Food Waste report for the Greater Cincinnati region. Currently, Susan serves as a Digital Marketing Analyst with School Outfitters. Susan believes strongly that young people are some of the best change-makers and is proud to support JEE Foods as a member of the board.
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Chad Konkle

Dr. Konkle is passionate about ending poverty.

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Dr. Konkle spent the last 14 years in the Hamilton City School District, as a Principal, Business Manager, Human Resources Director, and Assistant Superintendent. Earlier in his career, he spent five years in the Oak Hills Local School District as an Assistant Principal at the Middle School. He also has served as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal in the Cincinnati Public School District. He received his Ed.D. from the University of Cincinnati studying Leadership.


Our founders made JEE on the premise that everyone can make a social impact. We encourage our staff and board members to recognize their potential and support causes that matter to them. JEE Foods is not just focusing on food waste but also empowerment. 

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